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Koroheke under snow

Whether hanging out for a week or just a couple of days, a highlight of any visit to Craigieburn Valley is staying in one of the cosy alpine lodges nestled in NZ’s scenic native bush. There are no hotels here, no day spas or shopping, definitely no golf courses. This is how skiing accommodation used to be: cosy, social and slopeside.

Up to 65 people can be accommodated in the warm 6-person bunkrooms or private twinshare rooms. A great atmosphere, the good company, and warming winter fare will ensure your stay at Craigieburn will be one to remember. Through this experience you are guaranteed to make some great friends and gain a real mountain experience. Note that bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment.

Craigieburn has two lodges – Koroheke and Matuhi nestled away just below treeline. They offer a warm and friendly retreat right off the snow after a hard day on the hill. The facilities include a licenced bar, Chefs kitchen, showers, toilets, drying room, lounge area, sleeping facilities and spectacular views across the valley. The accommodation is true ski-in-ski-out, which means you can roll out of bed at a reasonable hour, have breakfast and be on the hill within half an hour. The same goes for the end of the day, ski up to the door and be showered and downing your first beverage before the day trippers have even made it out of the carpark. For more information on the accommodation and what to bring see below

Koroheke sleeping quarters adjoin the main lodge. There are private rooms and bunkrooms available with convenient internal access to the lodge facilities which provide comfortable, affordable accommodation. They are configured as standard (6 bed shared) rooms, or private rooms (configured as either a double and single, or a double and 2 bunk beds) available depending on your finances and circumstances. Private rooms are charged on twinshare, any extra people in the room pay standard rates.

Matuhi lodge is nestled away from the main lodge offering a quiet retreat. It contains one double, two triple, two quadruple rooms and a lobby with toilet. These rooms are ideal for small groups or families as well as couples. They offer more comfort, space and privacy than the bunk rooms

How The Accommodation Works

BarYou can expect to be a part of the mountain lodge experience at Craigieburn Valley. Guests staying with us will be rostered on to our “duties” board. This involves working in with our chef and other staff members to keep the place running. It is one duty a day and can range from a bit of vacuuming, breakfast prep (making the toasted sandwiches for lunch) or some dishes, to dinner preparation. These duties will not take any time out of your skiing, but are vital to keeping a functioning lodge.

Craigieburn is unique in that it operates completely independent of the electricity grid. Power is generated by a combination of diesel, hydro and solar energy, and heated by a boiler. As such we work hard to conserve electricity and minimise our carbon footprint. Please respect this by turning lights off when they are not needed. The boiler room doubles as a large drying room, and you can be assured of stepping into warm, dry gear every morning.

On Sunday nights there is a staff introduction and a bit of talk on how the place runs but don’t be afraid to ask any of our staff members if you have a question. Guests are to move out of their room the morning of departure and assist with cleaning at the end of the week. There is a baggage storage area at the entrance to the bunkrooms.

What to Bring

  • A sleeping bag
  • Towel
  • Indoor footwear
  • Torch.
  • Lunch and snack food*

*The daylodge has cooked lunches and snacks available during the day such as hamburgers, pies, potato chips and drinks (including espresso coffee), however these are not included as part of the package deals. The bar also has potato chips and other snacks after 4pm. It is suggested that you bring some snack food and specialty items with you as the nearest store is 40 minutes away.

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