Club Snow Safety Weekend

Title: Club Snow Safety Weekend
Location: Craigieburn
Cost: Ordinary members $50; Privilege members $30

Many of you wear an avalanche transceiver when you ski and ride in the valley but:

Are you really confident that you can effectively search for a buried mate? Do you know the latest search techniques for single and multiple burials? Can you confidently find two buried transceivers in under 4 minutes? Do you know how to be part of, or supervise a probe line? What do you know about the Craigieburn Valley Ski Area Avalanche Rescue Plan? How old is your transceiver? They loose effectiveness with age.

These questions and many more will be answered if you turn up for the Avalanche Rescue Exercise on the 4th of July.

Wearing an avalanche beacon and carrying a shovel and probe does not necessarily make you safe. It is essential that you have the knowledge of how to use the gear. You also
need to regularly practise avalanche rescue techniques to ensure that if the worst happens you are able to be an effective part of an avalanche rescue effort.
Craigieburn is just about all avalanche terrain, all the more reason for you to improve your avalanche safety skills. It would be fantastic if we could have a high turnout of members to make the most of the weekend.

You don’t need to own an avalanche transceiver to participate. But if you do please bring it along (please make sure you have installed new batteries for the 2009 season) with your probe and shovel if you have them.

Program (Weather and avalanche conditions dependent)
Saturday 4th July
10.00am – The avalanche rescue plan and avalanche rescue techniques.
12 noon – lunch
12:30pm – up the hill for transceiver and probe searching practise
2:30pm – avalanche rescue scenario
5.00pm – debrief + MSC Avalanche Safety Video

Sunday 5th July
More transceiver searching practise. (you can never do enough of it!)
Back up day for avalanche rescue scenario if weather no good on Sat 4th.
If time allows we will run a basic session on safe travel techniques in avalanche terrain and general avalanche safety.

Everyone wishing to attend MUST email Nick or leave a message 03 018 8711 by Wedensday evening.