Q: Is there any Ski / Board Hire?
A: No, nearest is Gnomes in Darfield. Also try Snow and Surf or Snowride in Christchurch

Q: Is there any public transport to the mountain?
A:  Atomic Shuttles and West Coast Shuttle do run a service to the bottom of the road real cheap. It is a long walk up the ski field road, but if you get there early someone will give you a ride.

Q: Can I take my campervan up the road?
A: Yes, if it is a van sized camper (no to fullsize campers) and you are carrying a set of chains. Take note of signage about chains, and if in doubt pull over at one of the laybys and put them on. Road conditions can change throughout the day and overnight. Beware, if you block the road you will also block all the people behind you and coming the other way and if you require towing – it will cost you a bottle of Whiskey at the least, better to use the snow chains1

Q: Do I require any special equipment for the rope tows?
A: You do require a towbelt and nutcracker which we can provide you. Some people prefer to use a climbing harness, which you may want to bring. You will also need an old pair of gloves, or a glove protector – which we sell at the ticket office. Don’t attempt to use your good gloves without a protector, they will look very old very quickly.

Q: What are ski weeks?
A: Ski weeks are a thing of the past, when people used to work a 5 day week, and take that week off to go skiing. We have found that they just don’t work in well these days with people’s flights and travel plans, so we just have package deals for people staying 5 nights or more. You can start on any day of the week and stay for as long as you like on the package.