Tow Prices

We have three high speed nutcracker rope tows servicing 350 acres of in-bounds terrain and hundreds of acres more slackcountry and backcountry terrain. The legendary nutcracker rope tow is a surface tow unique to New Zealand club ski areas, and while taking some technique to master, does have many benefits in speed, capacity and simplicity. Tow price does not include nutcracker or towbelt which are both required for our surface tows. These can be hired from the ticket office, or you can use your own climbing harness or belt and purchase a nutcracker device at the ticket office. Also highly recommended is a leather glove protector, or leather gloves – both available for purchase at the ticket office. For more information check out general info.

Tow Prices 2017

No half day rates
1 Clubs affiliated with Craigieburn, Photo ID and proof of membership required
2 Full time New Zealand students only, photo I.D. required.
Afilliate Club1$65
Under 18$35
Under 13 / 70+free
Towbelt hire$free (bond required)

Please note that there are NO ski-hire facilities on the mountain.

Members get up to 50% off these rates. Join the club!