Student membership special

BarCraigieburn recognises that as a Student, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to your favourite winter sport. You have the ability to schedule in (cough cough) midweek powder days, but the steep price of a season pass is alot lot to cough up.

So we are offering club membership to Craigieburn at a heavily reduced rate of $25 for the season and we’ll even waive the joining fee! This gives you ordinary member rates at Craigieburn on skiing ($40 for a ticket) and accommodation, as well as affiliate rates at all the other club fields. If you decide to get a bit more committed, put in one scheduled workparty weekend for the club and you’ll get privileged member rates ($25 per day) or you can buy an anytime season pass for $325. Get in quick, workparties are normally over and done with by the end of March.

Check out our member prices or our page on joining the club for more info on the club, how it all works and what to expect.

Lincoln students, you also get cheap as accommodation at the Lincoln lodge on the mountain. Check out the Lincoln Snow Dept club for more info.